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Our Approach


At the ITSA Food Group, we have embarked on a strategic approach to reduce our impact on the environment and to have a positive effect on the community in which we operate. We are working on sustainability targets including working to make better use of our waste, reducing our energy consumption and engaging with pro-sustainability organisations across the food chain.

Packaging plays a significant role at the ITSA Food Group. Especially since 2020. It delivers our products to our customers safely and in the best possible condition. But we recognise that we need to reduce the impact our packaging has on the environment. 

In 2019, The ITSA Food Group introduced branded reusable coffee cups and removed plastic water glasses from all stores and single-use plastic bottles used in the production of homemade smoothies, juices and lemonades. These products are now sold in glass bottles.  We also removed single-use plastic water bottles.

Still water is now available in recycled water cartons. Sparling water is now available in recycled glass bottles.

We are committing to the following changes in 2019:

  1. The removal of single-use plastic straws (90% of our stores are now compliant)

  2. The introduction of sustainable wooden cutlery (90% of our stores are now compliant)

  3. The introduction of recycled paper napkins (90% of our stores are now compliant)

  4. The introduction of compostable coffee cups and coffee lids

  5. The introduction of recycled coffee cups and coffee lids


We are committing to make the following changes to our plastic packaging use by 2021:

  1. Make it 100% recyclable, reusable, or compostable

  2. Eliminate all unnecessary single-use plastics

  3. Help customers to recycle effectively in our shops

  4. To actively engage with all stakeholders in the business including our waste management providers and suppliers to strive for 0% waste to landfill

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